I Get To Fuck My Neighbor And Now I Can’T Quit

  • rosaurasandoval
  • September 14, 2017
  • I have always had a fetish for other people’s women, especially my neighbors. Despite my burning desire to fuck my neighbors’ wives, I have always been too shy to approach them. However, this was to change when Sally and Jim moved in next door.

    From the first time I met Sally, I felt a spark between us. And there was a twinkle in Sally’s eyes that turned me on every time we met. She is very curvy and has big boobs – everything I like in a woman. Jim works at a local hospital in town while Sally is a stay-at-home mother of two. When they first moved in, Jim did not have the time to help his wife fix stuff in the house because he was on-call at the hospital. Being that I was the friendly next door neighbor, Sally would always ask for my assistance. It is from there that we developed strong ties and opened up to a beautiful relationship that soon became as hot as cayenne pepper.

    By the second month, Sally was my pal, but I still could not gather the courage to express my sexual desires. However, one day everything changed. I was in my room relaxing, and Jim and Sally’s bedroom window curtains were open. It was then that I saw the two making love.

    The way Jim was holding Sally and looking into her eyes while fucking her mercilessly turned me on. I wanted to feel that sweetness too. As I stood in the window stiff and immobile, I made up my mind to ask Sally for sex.

    The next day, when Jim left his house for work, I ran to Sally’s door and rang the bell. In no time, her graceful body was at the door. One quick look at her body and I couldn’t hold on anymore. I pushed her in and started kissing her. Strangely, she complied. I threw her on the sofa and licked that pussy like it was my favorite glass of milkshake. Her moans kept me going.

    “I want to fuck you,” I whispered in her ears. Sally held my now very hard dick and said, “I want you to teach me a lesson, you naughty boy.” That was it; she had permitted me to destroy that pussy. I got to work straight away, forgetting that she was not my woman. After all, it did not matter. I don’t remember how many rounds we went. We were cut short by her husband’s call informing Sally that he was on his way home for lunch. I left in a hurry to give her time to fix something quick for Jim.

    This ritual continued for a while until Sally began to feel guilty about what we were doing. She suggested that I hire an amazing escort to help me fill my needs. While I was a little disappointed I respected her wishes and found an amazing escort who was perfect for my desires with no strings attached. Visit at charlotteaction.org for more info.

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