He is the only man I have ever loved

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  • March 9, 2018
  • My husband is the only sexual partner that I have had in my entire life. I had never thought about it before, and it was only when my husband died suddenly, I started to think about it. It was kind of funny, and I ended up spending hours talking about with my sister who works for escorts in London. For some reason, it was not something that we had talked about in the past, but when my husband died, it struck me that my life had not been as exciting as my sister’s London escorts career.
    My sister was a little bit surprised, and immediately assumed that my sex life with my husband had been boring. The fact that it had been anything but boring, took her back a little bit. I know that my sister thinks that she is really open minded because she works for a London escorts.
    When she found out that my husband and I had a drawer filled with sex toys it really seemed to shock my sister. I think she went back and told her friends at London escorts that her sister was a real sexual dynamo after all. When my husband had been alive, I had not really spent a lot of time with my sister. It was nice to reconnect, and I did appreciate that my sister thought that my life to date had been kind of boring. When I stepped back I could see what she meant. Her fabolous London escorts career sounded great, but we were different people. Working for London escorts would not really have been for me, but my life with my husband had been really good. I had enjoyed traveling the world with him, and we had a fantastic home, two great kids and we had made our lives very special.
    But, was I ready for another lover? The first year after my husband’s sudden death, I lived like a nun. I missed him, and I really missed our sex life at the same time. During that year I got a lot closer to my sister and her friends at London escorts. The girls were really sweet and I loved hanging out with them during late night dinners in China Town. We talked about everything under the sun, and it was nice to be closed to both the girls at London escorts and my sister. The girls at my sister’s London escorts service used to arrange Party Dates. They invited a few of their regular gentlemen and just enjoyed a dinner together. It was during one of these dinners I met Mike. He ran his own company in my part of London, and used to date London escorts.
    For some reason we really liked each other, and ended up going out. He kind of turned me on, and it was not long before we ended up in bed together. Mike told me that I was the most sexually adventurous women he had ever met. When he told me that I had to smile. I told him that he still had a lot to learn, and enjoyed watching him as he sat there with his mouth wide open.

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